‘Its Wrong For Parents To Do Spiritual Background Check For Your Spouse Before Getting Married’ – Writer, Tope Delanoq

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So there’s this trending question on Nigerian twitter that says, ‘Is it advisable or proper for your parents to help do a spiritual background check of your potential spouse before you get married to them”

Now, writer and music critic Tope Delano, has reacted to the tweet by sharing a personal story to buttress her point.

Read below;
This right here is the reason so many humans are LOCKED marriages they shouldn’t be in, in the first place.

As. Yoruba girl, my people believe so much in this…’oh, we have to pray and find out of he or she is the one.’ in my language they say it is ‘ama lo wo boya oko e Ni. I laugh in hiccups.
I have absolutely no issues with prayers and all but I deeply do not believe this is necessary and this is why.

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Sometime in the early 2000’s I was seeing this young man, who was just about amazing, when I say amzing, he was. Spiritual, not the spirikoko type, kind, deeply read, he is just a beautiful soul. But then we were hit with the he is not your husband talk.

You guys will never have kids should you get married. I heard things like he will die early or you would….bla bla bla…we went our different ways….bad move!!!! Marriage is between two people, two humans who live their lives as one, away from people who have one thing or the other to say about y u shouldn’t be together.

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Personally, I believe these two humans should be the one to seek God’s face respectively. Ask God Al the necessary questions not someone who won’t b in the house with u, doing it
What if the pastor they went to meet tells u the wrong person is the right one?

What if that one they claim is ur oko dies the night of your wedding, or weeks, months, later? What if he turns into an abusive person who greets u in the morning with a slap or a kick or harsh words.

While they are searching for spiritual answers, is anyone searching for emotional and psychological stability answers on ur behalf as well? I am a Stupid Yoruba GIrl, I know…but it’s high time we all calm d fuck down, think things through properly before signing those papers in court.

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Prayer is key in any relationship, however do it on your own and with ur partner if u must

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