“My Boss Threatens To Sack Me Because His Wife Told Me To Send Her Housemaid Packing Which I Can’t” – Man

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A Nigerian man identified as Smart Christain has taken to his Facebook page to ask for advice from people because his boss threaten to sack him because he refuses the his boss’ wife request to send their housemaid of out the house.

According to him, the boss’ wife told him to send their housemaid out of the house without allowing her to take anything out of the house but he declined because he find such act inhumane.

Read his full post below;

“Some days ago before chrismas, my boss wife who was admitted in a hospital, called me from her hospital bed as early as 5.a.m and asked me to come to the hospital, that it was an emergency. I rushed to the hospital because her husband (my boss) asked me to check on her time to time. Only for her to tell me that i should go back and take her house maid to the park and send her back. Stating that i shouldn’t let her take anything along with her. Not even her own belongings like cloths and other things. That i should pretend like am taking her to the hospital, then take her to the park. Meaning, I shouldn’t let her know that she is going back.
I got confuse but i kept quiet. On getting to the house, I sat the girl down and i begin to question her. (she is not up to 16yrs)
I asked her if she offended her madam, she innocently said noo. I asked her if she wanted to go back? She said yes but after she finish her primary education.
I asked too many questions and i realised that there was no reason that i know, for the woman to send this girl away unaware by the the girl. At least the girl has every right to know that she’s been sent back.
So, I returned back to the hospital, gave madam her money and told her that i cant do it.she collected her money and didnt utter a word.
Days later, i found out that her reason to send the girl back was because her pastor told her that the girl is a witch and she is the one who is responsible for the bad happenings in the family.
Well, to cut the story short, my boss called me and asked why I refused doing what his wife asked me to do. I calmly explained to him thinking he would get my point. But all he did was to threatened sack and all that.
Yesterday, I went to the office. Gave the securities my resignation letter. Afterall the company are owing salaries of 5months. I told them they should drop it on the desk of the HR before work resumes. Work is supposed to resume next week Monday.
I cant be part of such stupidity and I don’t in anyway regret my actions.
What are your thoughts?”

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