“They Made Delilah Look Like A Harlot Because Samson Was A Powerful Man” – Lady

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A lady who goes by the name Empressak has shared her thoughts on the Samson and Delilah story in the bible.

According to Empress, Delila was made to look like an harlot due to Samson being a very powerful man.

She wrote;

”It wasn’t for money!…..they twisted the story & made Delilah look like a duplicitous harlot . The true story is, Samson (his sexy ass), was a DEMON with locks (like many today), he had the three W’s: wit, wisdom & wood (stay woken Insta cousins) . This Rasta man had 5 Empresses and still told Delilah ” Empress you’re my #1“. Sis got tired of the other maidens “coming to her as a woman”, popping up at her job (she made sandals by the Rivers of Nazareth). These side maidens were even throwing pebbles at her house, and one night Dede had enough. So the first night Dede tried to cut his hair, it didn’t work, because he had her a little dickmatized, he cracked her back so good, she couldn’t walk to get the knife from the barn. The second night she prayed for strength, but couldn’t do it because she was with him for years & loved him (also she loved climbing on his locks to work out her arms cause she didn’t have a gym membership). But on the day of the THIRD NIGHT…one of the side maidens popped up pregnant and that was the last straw…..she did it! Delilah got a bad name because Samson was a powerful man in those days, he was a military strategist & strongest man on earth, the government needed him to fight lions and other nations of Babylon. Delilah killed herself because of the Shame and Dickpression, no one believed her. But her ancestors came to me in a dream on the sabbath and told me the real story! #IStandWithDelilah#ClearHerNameAndHonor”

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