“They Said I Overreact Cause I Cut Ties With My Who Comments On My Daughter’s Body” – Lady

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A lady who decided to ends every form of friendship with a man she knew has taken to Twitter to cries out after she was told that she overreacts to a man who is trying to sexualize her 2 year old daughter.

She tweets;

“A guy I know was commenting on my daughter’s body. How she is well built and curvy etc. She is 2 years old. I got scared. I cut him out of my life and people are saying I’m overeacting.”

She continued saying;

“She was wearing a t shirt with no panties and he said why is she running around naked? Does she want to impress me with her curves etc. And continued “complementing” her. She had just pottied hence the nakedness.”

Another lady reacting to the post made by @PortiaAfrika said she decided to be a PERMANENT SINGLE MOTHER because her baby daddy allowed his friends to comment that her daughter does not have curves like her.

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She wrote;

“My baby daddy allowed his friends to comment that my daughter does not have curves like me. That was the day I decided to be a single mom permanently!”

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