Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Was Beaten Up By An Uber Driver In Abuja (Photos)

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A Nigerian lady has @maadame_ on Twitter has taken to the micro-blogging platform to narrate how she was beaten up by a Uber driver.

Read her tweets below;
“So I got punched yesterday on the face by an Uber driver. Yesterday at about 1:12 I requested an Uber in Abuja from waziri Ibrahim crescent to wuse 2, when the driver came I went down the meet him about 3 minutes later cause I didn’t want him waiting. When I got in the car

He said I kept him way, with his rude voice but I just said sorry and told him we should move. He started the trip I asked him to turn on the ac he said his ac was bad I just ignored. When I got to my destination I told him not to end the trip cause I had to wait for my friend

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To get there, he went ahead and still ending the trip, I asked him why he did that and started speaking to me rudely and shouting call your friend, I called my friend and put it on speaker and she said she was almost at wuse 2, he heard our conversation almost a minute later

He was like he was going, I then said please just wait I can’t be standing on the road in the middle of the night be considerate. He now started shouting I yelled back don’t shout at me, he proceeded to drive off. I told him to better take me along with him, he then parked came

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Down from his car, came to my own side of the car dragged me down and slapped me. I was so angry I had to hit him back. Next thing he did was to punch me and hit me countless times, he threw my bag and phone on the floor I was struggling to hold him so he wouldn’t get away he

Slapped me broke my nail and drove off. That is the guy

This was the text I sent him after everything happened

And I’m sure he only acted that cause I was alone, if a guy was with me none of that would have happened.”

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