Doctor Warns Ladies Against Using Ketchup To Feign Menstrual Period

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As shared by a Nigerian Doctor.

He wrote;

“Incase you are not aware, Tomato Ketchup has acetic acid content of around 4 percent (from the vinegar used in the recipe). And some people actually use it to clean brass and silverware.

Putting such in your vagina ONLY ruins your vagina and can cause fertility problems.

In trying to play smart, many young women are destroying their own bodies and ruining their chances at fertility (should they be interested in having children), with some of these mysterious things.

Ketchup inside vagina? Is it hotdog or hamburger?

Pls don’t play yourself.

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Why will you need to pretend that you are menstruating? What are you doing with someone you need to lie to?

A simple NO should be NO.

Please be careful what you do to your vagina as a young woman.

Something that looks harmless today may bring you many tears tomorrow.”5

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