Man Looking To Embrace Homosexuality Out Of Frustration From Being Rejected By Females

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A Nigerian man on Twitter @charlezenston has taken to the social media platform to share story of his friend who want to become a gay because he’s frustrated of getting turned down by girl.

The question is, can a straight man be so sexually frustrated to the extent that he turns gay? Maybe condition just helped him discover his real sexual preference.

Read the tweets below;
“Guy walked up to me today and told me he was looking for guys who do guys.. I was in limbo for like 15 seconds then it hit me.
I asked him why… he said he was fustrated from getting turned down by females.

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Tough times people.
Tough times.

We are both port Harcourt boyz… I even caught him (allegedly) paing for services from a female… I was shocked.
Really… I was just like wtf…


Its tough.

Then I thought about it… I mean as a lifetime member of the anti homosexual league if somebody walk up to me with such proposition reflex demands I slap sanity back in the person or simply flee for safety… but this guy is almost my g”

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