Read The Argument Between Two Nigerians Regarding Fulani Herdsmen And Igbo Businessmen

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A northerner in support of ranching; to give Fulani herdsmen freedom for their cattle to graze in any state in the country, argued that Fulani herdsmen who go to the South in search of food for their cattle are no different from Igbos who go to the north for business. And a Twitter user replied him.

Twitter user Abbas Dangi quoted Prof Ango Abdullahi, saying;
“The land belongs to Nigerians and herders are Nigerians. If an Igbo man can go to the North and set up a business, Why won’t herders go to the South, including your village, to graze their cattle?”

But Nigerian author, Andy Obuoforibo, did not agree that both were the same and pointed out the difference.

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He tweeted;
“When the Igbo man goes to Kano to set up shop, does he just enter someone’s compound, lay out his electronics, and start selling, and when the owners of the compound try to drive him off, shoot them? No. He rents a shop. He acts like a Nigerian citizen, not an invading outlaw.”

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