Man Left Shattered After His Uncle Was Woefully Failed Due To Poor Healthcare System

A Nigerian man identified as Ajayi Olusegun has taken to Instagram to reveal how heartbroken he is after his uncle who was involved in an accident couldn’t survive due to a poor healthcare system in the supposed ‘Emergency hospital’ he was taken to.

Read what Olusegun wrote below;
“This again, is the country we live in. We were just returning from a private birthday lunch when I got the call from my mum. “Uncle Sam is dead!” “What happened?” He was hit by a car. “Where?” Redemption Camp. Obviously a busy place; FRSC officials are flagging down cars, this Blue Corolla slows down and in a split of seconds, he’s hit on his side by a bus on top speed. 2 men are right by the roadside, the impact of the hit is so much his car proceeds to hit the 2 men. It’s so bad one of them is thrown upwards and by the time he lands, his body shatters the windscreen of the car. The victims are rushed to a nearby hospital.

Long story cut short, in 24 hours, both men are confirmed dead. “Why didn’t you people chase after the bus?” the FRSC officials are quizzed, “Because we had no car to chase him with” they respond. Hmmmmn. A visit to the supposed “Emergency hospital” where both victims died reveals the 2 men possibly could have survived if they got good enough intensive care. There’s hardly any facility there to cater to such matters, referrals are not done immediately and as time ticks on, the chances of survival drastically drops ergo, the deaths.

It hurts! It hurts so bad to know Uncle Sam could have had a chance to life were the hospital equipped with all needed for him to live. Yet, as I write this, the President has jet out abroad (again) to cater to his own medical needs. This is the country we live in. I hear the bus that did this evil had passengers in it; apparently none of them has reported the case to a Police Station yet.

Anyways, This is to the driver of the mystery Red bus; You know you hit a blue Toyota Corolla at Car Park C (Redemption Camp) on Friday May 4th 2018 at about 2pm and you drove off not minding the consequence of your action. Well, 2 people died as a result sir; 2 families are in deep mourning, an innocent man has been in Police custody and his family have been saddled with such pain of dealing with all it will take to secure his freedom. If you were in that bus, please have the decency to speak out to someone so it gets to the appropriate quarters. Please!!! I know I tried to believe in this country. I really tried.


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