“Homosexuality Is Not A Choice But A Psychological Problem” – Psychologist Says

A United Kingdom based woman on Twitter identified as Nonye Biko who is as a financial analyst and a Ph.D certified psychologist is of the opinion that homosexuality is more of a psychological issue.

Read her tweets below;
“Homosexuality is NOT a choice.

Unless you’re born with both a penis and a vagina, you cannot claim you were “born with it”

If you’re a man and you feel the urge to act and live like a woman, what you need is a therapist

The penis goes into the vagina.

Anything else is faux.

The male is biologically designed to possess sexual affinity towards the female, and vice versa. With the penis and the vagina working towards the ultimate goal of procreation. Anything else is nothing but sensationalized psychological incongruity.

It is arguable that a female finds other females more sexually attractive than males. A lot of you may not know this but scientifically, as developing embryos, we’re all female until the Y chromosome kicks in. This is also why you guys also have nipples but no use for them.

The anus wasn’t designed for arrivals but departures. Also, if you’re a man who genuinely fancies inserting your penis into your lady’s anus, I hate to break it to you but you might have some docile homosexuality tendencies.

This, among many other reasons is why I tag homosexuality as more of a psychological issue than anything else. You only feel like you want to be with men because that’s what your mind is telling you. You’d never see a male dog go to another male dog. Why? No mind to think that.

At the end of the day, we’re all living, natural beings. And nature only demands that we stay true to our biological setup. If you genuinely feel you’re incapable of doing that, then that, is in fact an issue. One you need help for. Calling a spade for what it is. Don’t overthink

This isn’t something you get to choose to be. It’s not a choice. Neither is one made to be that way. Civilization has managed to make a lot of anomalies seem “okay”. That is going against science. Which is the bedrock of human civilization as we know it. The paradox.

Basically all of man’s greatest problems stems from the undying urge to change the status quo. Those that need changing and those that absolutely have no business being changed.

“We know more now. Why not we make this to be this other way instead? It sounds better this way”

PhD in psychology. What people think they know on the matter is what they’ve been told or made to believe. There is currently a system in place tirelessly working towards promoting homosexuality. But we can all pretend to not know. For ‘political correctness’. What humans do best”

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