Lady On Student Visa Was Deported From US And Banned For 5 Years; See Why

A Nigerian man on Twitter has revealed how a lady was deported and got banned for 5 years from the US after she was caught with two boxes full of weaves.

And according to US immigration laws, a person on a student visa is not allowed to work or do anything related to business without proper authorization.

Read the tweets below;
“Imagine getting admitted into a US Uni for Masters, getting your visa and all that…only to be sent back by immigration & flagged for 5 years because you carried so many weaves in your box to go sell there.


She had learned hairdressing and was told braiding & all that costs a lot over there. Trying to cash out, aunty carried two boxes filled with weaves. More weaves than clothing.

“What’s a student doing with all of these?”

“My friends told me to bring them”

“But on your application form, you said you have no friends or family here?”


“Turn around plis dear, we’ll put you on the next available flight back to Lagos”

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