“Feminism Is A Movement Which Doesn’t Care About The Plight Of Poorer Women” – Man

Mr Kelvin Odanz here is of the opinion that Nigerian feminists are middle class hypocrites who exploit the movement for their own selfish gains without consideration for poorer women.

Read his tweets below;
“In the real world in Nigeria, women are subject to stigmas, stereotypes and acts of violence especially those from the lower class: widows, single mothers etc

It is important that their plight is never sidelined amidst today’s frivolous gender war

More than half the population in Nigeria falls within the lower class, and women from this class bear the greatest brunt of limited wealth and opportunities in Nigeria.

This is mostly true in societies where the economy is build around human labour (strength) and not knowledge.

Feminism, on one hand, is really not interested in the plight of these rural/lower class women.

It is a movement for mostly middle class, well educated women who exploit the “plight of women” for their own advantage, to wrest power for themselves—in the name of women.

But in Nigeria where much of the economy is built around human labour (strength), women are disadvantaged.

And we must not surrender their plights to feminists, or confuse feminism as a struggle for Nigerian lower class women– especially widows, single mothers, peasant women

There are still laws that need to be legislated around women’s access to capital and how the wealth/property of deceased spouses should be distributed.

Chivalry and Twitter Bio and whether to use Miss or Mrs are frivolous obsessions —Chimamanda/Feminist obsessions

Much of the issues around unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities can be solved through legislations and reforming the economic system away from just human labour.

These should be the conversation on the local level and on a national level.

We must also resist feminists who polarise these issues for their own advantages. They own NGOs/projects that barely scratch the surface of the problem; they get grants, attend international conferences “on behalf of Nigerian women”.

They’re all opportunists and hypocrites.

Also worth resisting are feminists who peddle lies and hatred for men amongst women online, sensationalize gender issues and use such chaos and gender wars as a ladder. All toxic opportunists.

Caring about real issues of women in Nigeria is not mutually exclusive with feminism.”

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