Man Gets Himself In Trouble With His Wife While Discussing Bank Loans With Friends

The man decided a side chick was the perfect analogy to use in the presence of his wife. He probably blurted it out unknowingly.

Read below;
“A friend was explaining a situation to us in the presence of his wife, and chose the “wrong” analogy to drive home his point. We were talking about the misery of taking a bank loan. According to him, “It’s like having a clingy side chick, they’re always in your business.” 😂1/2

We spent the whole evening listening to him explain (to her, of course) how he knew what it meant to have a side chick, especially a clingy one. “It’s just an expression, it’s a popular expression, everybody knows this,” he said. We all nodded in agreement. 😂 2/2”

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