Twitter User Tells Women To Stop Crying About Rape And Learn To Enjoy It

This post gets our award for most insensitive post of 2018. It’s doubtful if any other can beat it.

A man took to Twitter to share his chat with a woman where he was asking women to enjoy being raped and quit complaining about it. He compared being raped to being served the wrong food at the restaurant. He told of how he went to a restaurant and they got his order wrong but, so as not to offend his date, he decided to eat what he was served, and to his surprise, he found that he enjoyed it.

The man, whose name has been given as Shaw, then proceeded to say it’s the same with rape and if women learn to stop crying so much about it happening, they might actually find themselves enjoying it.

Some social media users actually agreed with him while some criticized him. He went on to reply the tweets criticizing him and defended his warped opinion.

See screenshots below.








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